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Why crowdfunding?

Starting a farm, or any business, from scratch can be a costly endeavour. A large amount of these start-up costs I have already financed myself. Others have been financed through pre-selling vegetable boxes and eggs. More info (in dutch) on WeiBlij.be

For daily commutes, distribution of my products and harvesting wild berries for syrup, I would like to make use of a cargo bike. I currently use our car too often which isn't practical or environmentally friendly. Some things you just can't transport on a normal bicycle. A cargo-bike seems to be the perfect solution.

Through this platform I would like to ask you for a donation which will enable me to make this investment. In return I offer you a small gift. Many small donations can give my farm big boost and enable me to take it one step further in this ecological quest.

Different options

You can choose with which gift I can thank you. And select an amount you wish to donate.

A box of eggs

A box of eggs laid with love by our heritage hens.

Elder blossom or elderberry syrup

A bottle (250ml) of artisanal elder blossom or elderberry syrup.

Vegetable box

A box full of fresh vegetables delivered to your door with our new cargo-bike.

Eternal gratitude

If you don't have a need for a gift in return, then you can choose this option. Thereafter, I owe you eternal gratitude :)

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